In Texas, more than 50% of students are performing below grade level.

High-impact tutoring is the best solution to help students recover lost learning and improve academic achievement.

Things Are Looking Up, but We Still Have a Long Way to Go.

COVID-19 slowed down learning for hundreds of thousands of students across Dallas County for two years. But as a result of the many interventions and student supports that were put in place, including high-impact tutoring, 2022 data shows that students are starting to recover. There were promising increases in student performance in almost every grade and subject.

While there were gains across the board, this year, 60% of students are not on grade level in math. We can do better than that. Our students deserve better than that.

When Students Fall Behind, Research Tells Us That They Rarely Catch Up.

In Texas, more than 50% of students are performing below grade level. Studies have shown only about 5% of students who are below grade level actually reach grade level within two years.

Despite the many interventions we’ve attempted over time, learning recovery has been hard. This is even more significant now as we emerge from a pandemic that caused significant learning disruption for students.

Across subjects and grades, we lost about 10 years’ worth of academic gains over the past two years, leaving nearly 6 in 10 Dallas County students at risk for not graduating with the skills needed to obtain/qualify for a living wage job.

We Have an Opportunity to Turn Things Around for North Texas Students.

Gain 6 months
of additional learning with high-impact tutoring

High-impact tutoring is one of the most effective interventions for accelerating learning. According to Brown University, the average effect of high-impact tutoring is 85% larger than most of the interventions historically utilized in schools. In high school math, high-impact tutoring has produced gains of up to 10 months of additional learning in one school year. High-impact tutoring works for students!

HIT is held at least 3 times per week in small groups of about 3:1 with a consistent, trained tutor. Tutoring sessions are based on students’ actual needs and are closely connected to what they are learning in class each day. Most importantly, HIT is held during the school day to make sue that students who need support have access to it.

The North Texas Tutoring Coalition is a countywide initiative connecting schools, community organizations, businesses and local leaders to overcome the impacts of the pandemic and accelerate student learning by expanding access to high-impact tutoring for thousands of students across North Texas. To this end, we are building a robust network of highly trained tutors to support students in Dallas County schools.


Expand Access to High-Impact Tutoring!

Here’s how you can help expand access to high-impact tutoring and help North Texas students:

 Individuals: Become a tutor!

North Texas needs tutors! Make a difference by becoming a tutor. Opportunities in Dallas ISD and Garland ISD.

Businesses and Organizations: Partner with a North Texas school or district

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